An epic build for Tesco.  The Project had a tight time scale, the tour needed to be shot before anyone arrived on site and then needed to be built, uploaded and published ready to be used in the events publicity.

It was a challenging day for the team, but everything went smoothly and the tour was live ready for them to use in the events publicity.

Mission accomplished, the team even found time to explore the festival once all the hard work had been done.

Darren Juggins

Owner, Darren Juggins Photography Group

Darren Juggins and his team where commissioned on a variety of projects.  Visiting Farms in Wensleydale and vineyards in France as well as the Good Wood Revival, where we had built a full size 1960’s replica of one of our first stores.  Darren and his team had a very limited amount of time to capture and publish for the start of the festivals launch.

Everything was processed on site and published for us to utilise in our promotion, a true sight to see, as I understand turn around time is normally several days, not hours. (Visit the tour here).

The other projects where bespoke taking our clients via 3D Barcode from the products they purchased to the locations they where made.  Offering a truly unique experience for our customers.

Darren and his team where great, meeting our time scale demands for the projects and delivering hi quality material throughout.

I can’t recommend them highly enough.


J. Flethcher

Local Marketing Manager , Virtual Tour Client