When you watch a west end show or watch a movie, do you realise the effort that goes into making it all happen?

You see the lead actors on set or stage and it all looks real and makes them look fantastic, well next time your at the theatre or watching a movie, give a though to the people that make the sets happen…

The good people at Splinter Scenery work tirelessly to make the sets look fantastic and over the last few months and into the future, I’m having the opportunity to work with them to capture their work, both stills and in virtual tour format to showcase their workmanship.

In the tour showcase above you will be currently able to see Waiting for Godot (Sheffield), CBeebies – A Mid Summer Nights Dream (Liverpool) and Mrs Henderson Presents (London, West End).  In future as I capture their new projects around the country, they will be added to the showcase.

Now enjoy the tours and remember the work that goes on behind the scenes, to make it all happen.


Darren Juggins

Owner, Darren Juggins Photography Group

It was great for Splinter Scenery to find Darren. Taking shots of scenery can be a tricky thing with very unique lighting but Darren far exceeded our expectations.

Not only were the shots he produced a fantastic quality but due to his eye for detail he also got all the key areas of the scenery, and more importantly the output we envisaged.

This was down purely to him listening to our expectations as a client and what the purpose of the photo shoot was in order to tailor his shot appropriately. 

Fantastic photography and great customer service.


M. Baker

Marketing & Promotion, Commercial Client & Virtual Tour Client