Every project for Virtual Tours is different and sometime you come across some hidden gems.  The Baron at Bucknell is one of them.  Set in the beautiful Shropshire Hills, the Baron looks pleasant from the roadside, but it’s what is inside and behind that people really need to see.

Two Bars, a beautiful restaurant as well as 5 high quality specification rooms to stay in and lets not forget the camp site behind.  As I say a hidden gem.

I took my time with this tour, arriving the day before the shoot and being able to capture the ambiance of the evening light setting over the hills, all add to the finished tour.

Once finished, the client requested the addition of the menu system along with information panels and calls to action.  It now has pride of place on his website.

A beautiful tour, enjoy..

Darren Juggins

Owner, Darren Juggins Photography Group

We were aware of the 360’ tours available on some websites and wanted to commission one for our property, the Baron at Bucknell, a pub with bedrooms in rural Shropshire. We contacted a couple of photographers and Darren responded promptly giving a clear description of what he could do for us, examples of his work and cost. He visited at a time that fitted in with the business operation and did his stuff! He didn’t rush the photography and went back and retook shots when it was dark to get tours both in the day and evening. We are very pleased with the results, taking his advise to also embed the tour on our website.

Phil & Debra Wright

Owners, Virtual Tour & Commercial Client